Creative Film Production

We are a creative production company that create concepts and ideas, working closely with clients, producing small-sized productions to large scale productions, adjusting to the clients needs.

Karma Film also work in partnership with other media and advertising agencies.

Our film production services cover idea generation, development and re-vision of scripts, live-action filming, editing and color grading.

Activities, such as extensive music production, motion graphics and animation, not made possible in-house, are outsourced with established partners in the industry.

Photo by Christopher Mertz

Photo by Christopher Mertz

Karma Film was founded in 2009 by Daniel Charluck Garrelts,
who initially worked as freelance photographer and editor,
who over-time, found his place - as Creative Art Director and Shooting Director.

Daniel has ever-since, wanted to become part of the film and advertising industry,
which has been manifested in advertisements and music videos productions,
for well known brands and artist.

The above mentioned activities and increased experience,
inevitably gave birth to a full service production company,
based in Copenhagen, Denmark.